ACT now or react later! ™

Patent # US 8,689,506 B2

ACT has recently been granted a patent by the US Patent Office on its Moisture Barrier Wall System.



ACT continues to provide presentations to home builders, geotechnical engineers and other professionals.

ACT Methods are now approved as an alternate building method in Payson, Arizona.

ACT is working with a prominent architectural firm to apply the ACT methods in their foundation design.

To see the actual ACT methods contact us for a 30 Minute presentation at your office.

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ACT I - barrier under footing used up to elevation 3,000

ACT IA - barrier under monolithic footing

ACT II - continuous barrier/stem wall

ACT III - barrier under footing used up to elevation 8,000

ACT IV - continuous barrier with turn down

ACT V - PT Slab with barrier

ACT will be including its methods into all foundations for Belle Verde Homes in Scottsdale.