ACT now or react later! ™

Patent # US 8,689,506 B2

Moisture Wall  Compared to PT Slabs
 Type  $/SF $/Home Savings / Home Total Savings
 ACT I $4.14 $12,043.26 $1,919.94 $191,994.00
 ACT II $4.45 $12,945.05 $1,018.15 $101,815.00
 ACT III $4.44 $12,915.96 $1,047.24 $104,724.00
 ACT IV $4.23 $12,305.07 $1,658.13 $165,813.00
 Standard $3.69 $10,734.21 $3,228.99 $322,899.00
 PT Slab $4.80 $13,963.20 $0.00 $0.00

Sample savings that can be realized are shown below.  Use this chart to extrapolate potential savings on your project


The chart on the right provides sample costs for the various ACT methods and their respective savings when compared to conventional footings and PT slabs on a 100 homes.  The costs are based on a 2909 sf footprint on a single story home. 

The MBW methods were not necessarily derived based on their initial cost, rather, as a preventative measure to alleviate the distress caused by expansive soils and the ensuing litigation that typically occurs.  It just so happens that our MBW's are usually less costly than PT slabs and provide superior protection when used in expansive and collapsible soils.